Upgrade Shiraz Software from an Earlier Version
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Upgrade from an Earlier Version

Please NOTE upgrades to New V8 must be to new destination (choice 2 below)
If you are upgrading from an earlier version of Shiraz you have two options:
1) Upgrade the existing installation, overwriting the old installed version
If upgrading to V8 DO NOT use this option.

This option is the most straightforward and will keep all the information regarding your existing queues, jobs and profiles. 
You will not be able to revert back to the old version once the installation is complete.
Using this option you have to ensure the security dongle key is update with the new version code before upgrading the software. 
If your dongle is not updated. the new software will run in demo mode only.
To upgrade the existing software overwriting the old version, when presented with "Installation Directory" form, 
use the yellow folder button on the right hand side to explore and find the path to your existing installation of Shiraz. 
Make sure you select the top Shiraz folder which normally resides under C:\program Files\
By selecting a path to an existing installation, you have selected to overwrite the installed software with the new version. 
Follow the rest of installation as normal.
NOTE: Make sure you reboot your computer after the installation is complete.

2) Install under a new path and run in parallel with old version.

This option allows you to install the new version under a different path hence keeping the old version.
 This option requires some care as some pointers may still be connected to the old version even after the installation.
You will have to create new queues and copy any profiles needed into the new installation.
The advantage of this option is the safety of being able to roll-back to the previous version if required.
Yo install the new version under a new path follow the installation program and select a path different to the 
current installed version. For example, if the current version is installed on  C:\program Files\Shiraz6.6 select
the new path as C:\program Files\Shiraz6.7. Follow the rest of the installation as normal.
NOTE: Make sure you reboot your computer after the installation is complete.

In order to make sure all the pointers are pointing at the correct installation, you must go into your bin folder
and run Server.exe application from there. You can find your bin folder under the installation folder. 
For example,  if the installation folder is  C:\program Files\Shiraz6.7, then the bin folder is on C:\program Files\Shiraz6.7/bin/

After you run the server, you need to add your queues. You may also need to run LiveUpdate to copy profiles
from DVD for your new queue(s).
When running design client for the first time after the installation, you must make sure it points to the new server.
Since the old version is still installed a client design will still point to the old server.
To connect your Design client to the new Server, from Design program run the Server/Queue Wizard and select the local server.
Additionally ensure any shortcuts on the desktop or on start menu is pointing to the new installation.

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