Getting Software Support
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All requests for software support should be submitted using email to our helpdesk via email address. Email is the safest and quickest route to obtain support and please note that we don’t currently provide telephone support for a number of reason.


Always provide your software name, version and license number in the initial email when contacting our helpdesk. Please note the response will be prioritised based on the following Support Service Levels (SSL):


Priority Support


We do our best to respond to priority support requests within one working day, and often are able to respond much more quickly.


Our priority help desk support is intended only for customers in one of the following categories:

  • Your software has been recently purchased / upgraded and is within support warranty period.
  • You have a valid/active support/maintenance contract with Shiraz Software
  • You have a valid/active software Leasing license.



Standard Support


We do our best to respond to standard support requests within three working days, and often are able to respond sooner.


Standard support will be provided to all current versions of software but not covered by any of the priority support categories stated above.

Current versions of the software are:

  • Shiraz Server V8.1
  • Signature V8.1
  • Focus v4.1
  • Carbon V2.1



Out of Support


All other products and versions not covered by Priority or Standard support categories are not officially supported.

We will however do our best to respond and help within the scope of available resources when possible.




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