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Saving Screen Dump (PC)
Posted by Farshad -, Last modified by Farshad - on 10 April 2012 13:39

If you are asked to provide a screen dump of a screen for support purposes, you can obtain a screen dump file on PC/Windows by following the procedures below:


1. Open the programme that you want to take a picture of and make sure that the screen you want is up on your monitor. If something on the screen is moving, a screen dump is still possible.

2. Hold down ‘Alt’ (or Fn or Ctrl) and press the ‘Print screen’ key on the keyboard.

3. Close or minimise your programme and open 'Paint' or ‘Word’.

4. Make sure you have a cursor on the page and click on ‘Paste’. Your picture should appear on the screen.


5. adjust the picture’s size, click on it once and use the markers at the bottom right corner to drag it to the size that would be readable.

5. Save the file and send it

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