KIP Color 80 setup Guide
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1. Shiraz profiles. They have a media type number which MUST match the KIP installed media list:
example, in the shiraz profile the xml tag is:  <kip_media_id>2</kip_media_id> where '2' is the KIP MEDIA ID, this must match the KIP installed
media found in for example: 'kipunattend.dat" file has: "CustomMedia2=Bond~ANI_CP3", where

media type is 2, which is a 'Bond' type media with description 'ANI_CP3'.

You must check all profiles for the media id against the KIP
installation, THEY MUST BE CORRECT, otherwise the job will
be held in the KIP Printer.

2. Kip status. In the server, kip interface, Input, there
are 2 options: Path, IP Address.
use the IP method and only if this does not work (probably due to firewalls), use the 'path' method.

3. Kip output interface: In the server/kip interface:
use the output method 'kip service' with IP ADDRESS. Once again if this method does not work, try the ftp and then the folder method.

Path method: On the KIP computer, locate the folder where the file exists: 'kipunattend.dat' and SHARE this folder so shiraz server can have read access. Then set 'Path' to this SHARED folder.
( on the KIP computer try \monpath1\logdir\statinfo\ for share folder ).


4. On the server, interface, KIP, there is an input 'Roll Number'. This is NOT used to select the PRINT DESTINATION roll number for the jobs in the queue. It is there so that jobs in the queue can be checked for correct media SIZE - the MEDIA SIZE of the 'Roll Number' is reported by the KIP printer and the shiraz server status picks this up and sets it in the media width, to which the jobs in the queue are checked for against. So the idea is you set the roll number for the queue so as to define the MEDIA SIZE AND ONLY THAT. You must select the correct Media Name in the Media list in the server/status/media list for that queue as well, this way you can make sure jobs for the queue must match not only the correct media width but more importantly the correct Media Name.

Note: Specific note for shiraz profile for KIP: ( int the *.scp file ),

<media>Blueback</media>  - this is the name that appears in the server/status/media list. Make sure this is correct for the queue and matches the actual media loaded on the printer.

<kip_media_id>4</kip_media_id> - this is the KIP MEDIA ID, match as described above.

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